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Notepad “Femblock” was born out of the collaboration of the artists Ingrīda Pičukāne, Rasa Jansone, Mētra Saberova, Vivianna Marija Stanislavska, Vika Eksta and social anthropologist Anna Žabicka collaborated in the making of notepad “Femblock”. Through artistic interpretations and concised accompanying texts it emphasizes how broad and diverse feminism is.

Notepad consists of 12 openings with explanations (in Latvian language only) about various types of feminism that are acompanied with photopraphs from unique performances that were made especially for the notepad. Openings are written by social anthropologist Anna Žabicka and dedicated to feminist pornography, liberal feminism, conservative feminism, queer feminism, eco-feminism, ethnical feminism, radical feminism, voluntary childlessness, virginity, feminism of goddesses, christian feminism and motherhood. These 12 openings are interspersed with blank pages for personal notes or creative outbursts. 


Publisher: Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

Year of publication: 2017

Language: Latvian

Pages: 56


Authors: Vika Eksta, Rasa Jansone, Ingrīda Pičukāne, Mētra Saberova, Vivianna Maria Stanislavska, Anna Žabicka


Design: Vivianna Maria Stanislavska, Ingrīda Pičukāne and Rasa Jansone

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